Class News 2021 - 2022

World Book Day 2022 
Today we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters, taking part in a book themed quiz and we spent the afternoon reading with Swallow and Skylark class. It was a fantastic day!
11th February 2022
Today the police came in to talk to us about Bullying. We all found the session informative and particularly enjoyed it when they radioed their control room and the call handlers did a 'shout out' to our school!
11th February 2022
Today we had a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) workshop delivered by the RAF. We had to make rockets and then test them to see how far they travelled at different angles and carrying different weights. We all had a blast!
4th February 2022 - NSPCC Number Day
Today we celebrated all things number in recognition of all of the fantastic work the NSPCC do. Throughout the day we had a number-themed assembly, a whole class problem solving activity, a yummy cake sale and then, in the afternoon, we were lucky enough to be invited to teach Skylark class some Maths! 
As you will notice in the photos, we also wore something number related - what's your favourite outfit? 
4th February 2022
Today in English, we were revisiting how to use inverted commas correctly. We had to rewrite text messages and turn them into dialogue (on the tables!), using pieces of macaroni as our inverted commas. 
1st February 2022
Here are a few photographs of our Forest School session today. We thought about what the battlefields would have been like in WW2 and how the soldiers would’ve felt by re-enacting them hiding and then writing some sentences using lots of literary devices about what it would have been like.

We then discussed propaganda and what it was used for before learning the true meaning of the song ‘Run, rabbit, run.’ We practised singing it and then performed it - watch our video!

Finally, we had some time to play and hot chocolate before coming back to school.

28th January 2022
Today we made scones. We all read the recipe, measured the ingredients and followed the method. The end result was delicious and we all enjoyed tasting our scones with jam and cream at lunch time! 
Here are some photos of the fun we have been having over Christmas. 
We have sewed Christmas tree decorations, played party games, made calendars and cards, had Christmas lunch and been to the pantomime. It's been so much fun!
Enjoy our video of 'poop the potato!' 
16th December 2021
Today we had a house rugby tournament. It was a close competition but the overall winners were Wye house. Congratulations! 
14th December 2021
Today we had our last session of Forest School in 2021! We had to make Christmas themed scenes out of the natural resources we could find around us. We then toasted marshmallows to eat - yummy! 
30th November 2021
Year 6 had a fun practical way of practising how to measure angles today! They loved writing on the tables! 
24th November 2021 
Knex Challenge! 
Today, we were treated to the annual Knex challenge. Our task was to build 'Eco Homes' that included sustainable features, such as: wind turbines; solar panels; insulation etc. All of the houses were superb but 
a special congratulations has to go to our two winners who will compete against lots of different schools in May at Renishaw. Well done! 
23rd November 2021 
Today, we had some very exciting, special post in Swift class. Last Wednesday, we wrote a letter to Sir David Attenborough to thank him for inspiring us to be more sustainable and for all of his hard work he has done to save our planet. He has sent a handwritten letter of response today and we were all feeling a little bit star struck when we opened it! The children have me under strict instruction to keep it safe and frame it - how fantastic! 
19th November 2021
Today, some of us took part in an Active Maths session. The task was to order fractions, smallest to largest. However, the children were NOT allowed to step off of the bench so they had to manoeuvre themselves around by shuffling and stepping over people! It was enjoyed by all!
19th November 2021
Children in Need live PE quiz with Joe Wicks this morning. We did really well and scored 20 out of 20! Well done Swift class.
17th November 2021
Today we had an African day. 
We began by watching David Attenborough's COP26 speech (a real worthwhile watch if you haven't seen it) which inspired us to have a think about our choices we make and how we could be more sustainable. We then wrote him a letter and we put it in the post -hopefully he will reply!

We then had our drumming workshop which was great fun. Although, it was quite tricky and required a lot of concentration, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

After this, we look at one of our classmates mum's African arrows. They were fascinating and we all loved hearing about them. Thank you for sharing them!

In the afternoon, we did some African animal mindfulness colouring before our singing and dancing workshop. Again, we all really enjoyed this!
16th November 2021
Today, we had another visit to forest school. We spent some time discussing COP26 and then looked at the nature around us before searching for different types of fungi. 
Then, we had a team building activity. We had to make chairs out of the resources we could find. Some were surprisingly comfortable! 
We finished the morning off with hot chocolate before heading back to school. 
11th November 2021- Remembrance Day 
Today, we reflected on those whose lives were lost fighting in the war. We held a two minute silence, reflected on a prayer and listened to some wonderful poetry and a diary entry of a soldier. We also displayed our beautiful poppy art work we had completed earlier this week. One of our classmates made a fantastic cross with a poppy on it. Have a look through the photos to see it.
Lest we forget. Peace is in our hands. 
1st November 2021
In Maths today, year 5 explored the nets of cubes. We had a go at making nets out of paper. Some of us even made our own dice! Did you know that the opposite faces of a dice add up to 7? 
20th October 2021
Here's a picture of our end of term treat yesterday. We watched the Lion King with snacks, popcorn and squash.

It's been a great start to the year!
13th October 2021
We have been using the BBC Super Movers to practise our timetables. 
Check out our video below! 
If you'd like to practise at home, the link is on our learning page.
12th October 2021
Today we had our second forest school session of the year.
We began by using sticks to create Roman numerals. We then looked at the number of species of animals in the forest and represented the amount using Roman numerals. Did you know that there are 650 species of spiders in the UK?! This is represented as DCL in Roman numerals. 
After this, we then had a team task to build a bench using materials in forest school. We all used good team work skills to communicate our ideas and build a strong structure. One team built a hammock using a log! 
Finally, we had time for free play and hot chocolate. There were tugs of war, zip lines, hide and seek, tribal play and many more games we all played. 
It was a fantastic morning! 
30th September 2021
We had a great morning of running with the whole school in the Mini London Marathon in schools and our sports network cross country event. It was a little breezy along the river bank but everyone enjoyed the event. Thank you for helping us raise money for Stormbreak through £1 and our cake sale!

Thank you to James Jeffrey. School Games Organiser, and Atlas Active School Network for helping with the organisation. 
24th September 2021
After the assembly, we were lucky enough to be able to participate in a workshop. We all had a go at riding the bikes and some of us even managed to complete some tricks! What a great day!
24th September 2021
Today we welcomed the amazing Mike Mullen to our school. In the morning, he treated us to a whole school assembly.  He spoke to us about perseverance, introducing us to the idea of the ‘I can’t door.' He inspired us to change our mindsets to find the ‘I can door’. He then showed us some of his  tricks which we really enjoyed!
10th September 2021
We enjoyed a cricket workshop today with Craig from All Stars. It was a fab day and he was very impressed with our cricket skills!