Class News 2021 - 2022

Welcome to our photo page! 
In Skylark class we do lots of different activities and learn in lots of fun and different ways. No day is the same, which we find exciting. 
Scroll down to see what we have been doing or to reflect on all of our fun and amazing times!
6th April 2022
Our topic for this half term has been 'New Beginnings' in preparation for our new classroom. We have been working in small groups to come up with different fundraising ideas to raise money for new classroom resources. Each week we have been working towards our event. We have created posters, signs and bunting to advertise our events. We have baked delicious foods for our bake sale to sell. We have created bags of Fizzy Sweets. We have created obstacle courses and completed a Fun Run. Working on our fundraising event has been great! We've been working well in teams, thinking about money and change, using our art skills, using our writing skills, cooking delicious foods and the best of all we've had fun! 
22nd March 2022
We had a great morning in the glorious sunshine at forest school. Today we played games and completed activities all around teamwork and supporting one another. We even had delicious hot chocolate to finish off our session. We had lots of fun! 
9th March 2022
Today we had a special visitor from the STEMworks. Claire brought some great tech boxes with her for the children to build their own robots and operate them using a coding app on the IPADs. The children created a chicken and a cat robot. With the chicken they were able to make it turn, cluck and light up. With the cat the children practised creating precise coding for the cat to follow a road. The children really enjoyed the session, worked really well as a team and learnt some great things about coding. 
4th March 2022
We love books in Skylark class so of course we had to celebrate World Book Day. We celebrated in style dressed as our favourite book characters. We had lots of fun activities throughout the day including a World Book Day scavenger hunt, live stories from some familiar faces and shared reading with Swift class. We had a wonderful day! 
20th January, 10th & 14th February 2022
We have been very lucky over the last couple of weeks. We have had visits from the ambulance service, the police and the fire service. We have found out about all of their duties and their jobs, asked lots of amazing questions about the people who help us and even got a chance to go in their vehicles and try on their equipment. We really enjoyed having our visitors in with us. 
9th February 2022
Today we had a very exciting day as it was our class trip to Noah's Ark Zoo in Bristol. This helped our learning all about deadly 60. We saw lots of different animals and even had a special talk with one of the keepers. This is when we were introduced to Ralph the snake, Colin the cockroach, Sydney the Snail and a beautiful tortoise. We were able to hold these animals and learnt some great facts. We had a brilliant day out. 
11th January 2022
Today we had a lovely morning exploring at forest school. We are currently reading 'Little Red Reading Hood' and using this book for our writing. During our time in the forest we thought of a journey Red may take through our forest and created some spots for her to see along the way. Some of the locations even had some of our Deadly 60 animals, which we are learning about in our topic. 
19th November 2021
Today we celebrated Children in Need by wearing spotty clothes to school and taking part in a bake sale. 
All of our learning today was based around Children in Need and we had lots of fun. 
We started the day by taking part in the Joe Wicks live Children in Need workout. We really enjoyed answering the questions through our movements. In maths we played a Children in Need board game, which used our learning from our previous maths lessons. In English we read, learnt and ordered a Pudsey Fundraising story through freeze frames. We finished the day by creating collaborative art. We each had a part of Pudsey or Blush in our groups and decorated the bits using different art materials. We really enjoyed our day. 
16th November 2021 
Today we had an extremely fun Africa day. This involved learning all about Africa and to accompany our learning we had an African drumming, dancing and singing workshop. 
The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different sounds and parts of the Djembe drum along with learning some complex rhythms and matching this with African singing. 
In the afternoon we took part in an African dancing and singing workshop. We used our rhythm and song we had learnt from the morning to create a dance. We had a great time.
3rd November 2021
We had a very exciting English lesson today. We had our first experience day for our firework poetry writing. This session was all about experiencing a firework display to gather a bank of vocabulary we can use in our writing. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Disney Firework display from Disney Land and we created a super word bank for our writing. 
2nd November 2021
Today we had our second forest school session of the year and what a fantastic introduction to our Gun Powder Plot topic. We discussed the topic and what happened. The children gathered materials from the forest to make their own Guy Fawkes stick men. We put all our Guy Fawkes men on the fire and when it was safe to do so we toasted marshmallows and made s'mores. What fun and on such a beautiful day too. 
28th September 2021
Today we had our first forest school session of the year. It was so much fun. We had a lovely walk to the forest school site searching for berries and seeds indicating autumn on the way. Once we arrived at the forest we made houses and churches out of newspaper, gathered them close together and set fire to them to see how quickly the Great Fire of London happened and how fast it spread. The children watched safely from a distance but found it really interesting. 
27th September 2021
We finished our sentence stacking lessons today and began planning our independent writing. Our sentence stacking is amazing. The children have worked so hard to expand their vocabulary. We are looking forward to our independent writing. We also created our own feeling monsters today. 
23rd September 2021
Our amazing Harvest art was completed today! We have worked so hard to create this piece as a class. All of us created the tissue paper fruits and in small groups we created bits of the basket too. We can't wait to see what it looks like in the church. 
24th September 2021
Today we welcomed the amazing Mike Mullen to our school. In the morning, he treated us to a whole school assembly.  He spoke to us about perseverance, introducing us to the idea of the ‘I can’t door.' He inspired us to change our mindsets to find the ‘I can door’. He then showed us some of his  tricks which we really enjoyed! Flick through to watch the video! 
20th September 2021
We have had our second experience day and followed on from our colour chart by creating emotion jars. We chose an emotion from our chart and created a jar that represented the emotion. We chose things that linked to the emotion through colour and texture. 
14th September 2021 
Today we had our first experience day for our Colour Monster book. The book is all about emotions and understanding how we feel. This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about our emotions. Together we created an emotion chart. We matched emotion vocabulary with pictures that represented the emotion followed by matching a colour. To finish off our experience day we fed the worry monster our start of school worries. Our chart is now displayed in our classroom to help us voice our emotions. 
10th September 2021
Today we had Craig in from All Stars to do a cricket workshop with us. We enjoyed the workshop very much and had great fun practising our cricket skills.