Class News 2022 - 2023

Where does our food come from? May 2023
We were lucky to have some food from around the world donated by Tesco, so we did a treasure hunt in the adventure playground. Each group had to find two items of food, find in the atlas where they were from, then place them on the world map. Afterwards, we got to taste them. 
We also had a visit from Jenni from Wholly Gelato, who talked to use about how their milk and gelato is produced, as well as why we shouldn't waste food!

On Friday 19th May, Squirrel class all went to Bristol to see cricket.

We went to see Gloucestershire vs Durham. We were watching test cricket, which meant it was over a period of days. Durham had already batted so now it was Gloucestershire who were about to bat.

We walked over to the reaction wall where we had to press buttons that flashed in a random order. We each had 30 seconds to see how many we could press. In the end Freddie and Alfie won with 24 buttons pressed being one press ahead of Finley and Scott.

Once we got to the museum we started with the questionnaire. They even had an England football hat. Once we had as much information as we could possibly fit in our brains we went to have a bit of cricket practice.

We had a coach called Stretch (who actually wasn’t stretchy) who taught us how to react quickly we did this until lunch. After that our reactions had all improved massively.

We then had lunch and watched a lot of cricket. We even got our own pieces of paper signed. We then had some bowling practice and tried to see if we could hit the stumps. But then it started raining badly. Luckily it was time to go. We’d all really enjoyed our day!

Written by Finley

British Science Week March 2023
This week we have celebrated all things science! We used Explorify to look at objects close up to guess what they were, we have a trip to Forest Green Rovers, we made bug hotels in forest school and we had a visit from Gloucester Waste, who explained how they try to reduce impact on the environment. 
Safer internet day 6.2.23
As part of safer internet day, we looked at a scenario where we had to make choices about what happened online. We also invited the PCSOs to come and work with us. 
Forest School 14.2.23
For this forest school, we were using twigs and leaves to represent two-digit multiplication, and making pancakes! 
Book club Term 4
We did a big reveal and started our book club this term at lunchtimes. The book was called 'Twitch' by MG Leonard and we loved it. Some of us have even bought the sequel already! 
Mental health week 14.2.23
As part of thinking about mental health, we did a yoga session, which was great fun and left us all feeling very relaxed!
River models 19.1.23
We were learning about the different stages of the river, including the source, upper course, middle course and lower course. We compared the Severn and the Amazon and made these models, then annotated photos of these in our books. 
Visit to Wick Court Farms for City Children 
On January 17th we visited Wick Court. The weather was beautiful and we did activities such as mucking out the horses, counting sheep and pressing apples. We loved it!
Music in Squirrel Class
We have been learning how to play the glockenspiel and composed our own pieces!
Train trip 19.10.22
This week, we went by train from Gloucester station to Worcester, where we did a workshop looking at transport through the ages and even designed our own sustainable transport! We had a play in the park before returning home by train to Gloucester. What a great day! Two of the photos are recounts written by the children. 
National Poetry Day 6.10.22
This year's theme is the environment, so we wrote poems to an object from nature. This was the first step - contemplating and making notes about our thoughts and feelings. We then went back to class and wrote a poem called 'We are friends.'
September 15th Scooter Day
What a fantastic day! We heard how it takes resilience and perseverance to keep going and succeed at something, then we all had the chance to put that into practice. 
September 9th
We had a visit from Life Education. Anita talked to us about keeping ourselves safe and what we need to feel happy. 
September 6th
Today we started our wellbeing journals. The children have lovely notebooks and gel pens, and can draw, write or doodle their thoughts on a specific topic. Today we were reflecting on our holiday and thinking about our goals for the year ahead.