Class News 2022 - 2023

3rd March 2023 - World Book Day
We all enjoyed celebrating World Book Day through the theme of 'Storytelling'. Dressed in our pyjamas or comfortable clothing, we shared stories with our Buddies and played Kahoot quizzes on all things book! 
9th February 2023
As I’m sure your excited children have told you already, in March, Fox class will be taking part in a mock trial.

This afternoon we met Gary Horscroft, a magistrate who works in Gloucestershire. He introduced the mock trial that we will be participating in and explained the process to us. He also gave us an insight into the role of a magistrate.

Thank you Gary. We are looking forward to it!
7th February 2023 - Safer Internet Day 
Today was Safer Internet Day and we completed activities across the school to remind us of the importance of staying safe online. In Fox class, we discussed how online content relating to gender, race, religion and other groups can be represented inappropriately and thought about how we can challenge that. We also put together a rap on E-Safety, click on the link to watch it!  
3rd February 2023 - NSPCC Number Day 
Today we celebrated Number Day by completing lots of fun maths activities and dressing as in 'number' wear. We took part in Buddy's key challenge and played mathematical board games. A great day! 
31st January 2023
Fox class had the pleasure of joining our buddies in Rabbit class at Forest School on Tuesday this week. 

We built a huge obstacle course in teams, using rope, tarpaulins and logs to create obstacles. Then, we each had a race in our teams to see who could complete the course the quickest. But, Mr Pritchard didn’t make it easy for us! Some of us were blindfolded and so had to rely on good instructions and careful guiding from our team mates. We all enjoyed this thoroughly.

We then had free time and s’mores around the campfire before heading back to school.

Thank you Rabbit class for being such good company, we loved it!
29th January 2023 - Young Voices
We travelled to Birmingham today to take part in a huge concert where we formed part of the choir in Young Voices. We were lucky enough to attend on the day that Blue Peter were filming - so cool! We sang our hearts out and had a fantastic time. 
20th January 2023
Today, we made Chicken Chow Mein to find out more about Chinese cuisine as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. We measured and prepared all the ingredients and then used a wok to combine all the ingredients. Everyone enjoyed a bowl of Chow Mein for lunch and we finished with a fortune cookie (big thank you to Konbini supermarket for your kind donation!). Use a translator to find out what the message below says! 
28th November 2022
Today, Fox Class visited Quedgeley Library. We shared books together, borrowed some books for home and completed an Anglo-Saxon themed activity. 
23rd November 2022
Today, we invited parents in for a fun Maths afternoon. This gave our parents a chance to see how Maths is taught at Longney and have a go at some activities with us. It was lovely to see so many of you (including parents) with a 'Can Do' attitude! 
22nd November 2022
Today, in Forest School, we learned about pulleys. We had to design a pulley system to lift a log. We found out that the more pulleys and ropes you used, the easier the load was to lift. This is because the more wheels a rope can loop around, the more weight it will be able to lift and less force is needed to lift it. One team even managed to lift a child sat on the log (check out the video)! We finished with free time and hot chocolate.
21st November 2022 
In PE, we completed some yoga based on the story 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl. We had to be birds, monkeys and giraffes! It was really fun! 
Anti-Bullying Week 2022 
Today, we began the week with a whole school assembly to introduce the week and wore odd socks to school to represent our uniqueness. We also drew an outline of our hands. On the fingers, we drew or wrote things that we like or are good at. On the thumb, we drew or wrote something that we want to get better at. 
Today was 'Secret Friend' day. We all chose a name in secret out of a hat at the beginning of the day and had to be their 'Secret Friend' all day (doing kind things, opening the doors for them, collecting their lunch box, complimenting them etc). At the end of the day, we all had to guess who was being our 'Secret Friend!'
Today, we wrote our names in the middle of a piece of card. Then, we went around all of our classmates and wrote something kind about that person. We were able to then take them home to keep them and look at if we ever need 'pick-me-up.' 
Today we designed some posters on kindness.
Today is 'Friendship Friday.' We made friendship bracelets and then put them into a lucky dip and all chose one. This means that we are all wearing a bracelet made by somebody else in the class.  
9th November 2022 - The Climate Crisis Debate
Today pupils from across the DGAT schools met for the first DGAT Youth Parliament in the Parliament room at Gloucester Cathedral. Two children in Year 6 represented Longney and took parts in a range of debating activities during the first part of the morning. For the final hour, Dale Vince came and spoke to the group. He explained about all the projects he has been involved in and why and also shared some of his future ideas! Everyone was given the chance to ask him questions and even challenge some of his thoughts. The children will be leading a project across the school to help make our environment most sustainable.
13th November 2022
Our girls' football team who took part in the Atlas Stroud Sports Network football festival. The team played very well, perfecting their skills and competing against a number of other schools.
19th October 2022 
Children in years 3 and 6 participated in the KS2 Small School Football Festival this morning. They all represented Longney fantastically and did really well in all of their matches. Here’s a couple of photos of the teams!
14th October 2022 
This afternoon, Fox Class joined their buddies in Rabbit Class to share some stories together. A lovely afternoon with lots of smiling and happy faces!
30th September 2022
Today, we took part in a Mini Marathon to raise money for charity. We also held a bake sale afterwards - yummy! 
15th September 2022
Today, the whole school were treated to a scooter display from the BMX academy in the playground. We then participated in a workshop where we learned various tricks (like a 'bunny hop!') and went over a ramp. Terry, the instructor, demonstrated how resilience and determination are important qualities to help us achieve in school and in our wider lives.
13th September 2022
At Forest School this morning, we continued our learning about rivers by creating a 3D model of a river. We included features such as its source, tributaries, confluences, oxbow lakes and estuaries. We then evaluated our rivers and made suggestions for improvement.

To finish, we had some free time. Some of the activities we chose to do were: mud modelling, wobbly bridge, hide and seek, swings and zip-wiring.

A fab morning!
12th September 2022
Today, we participated in the first session of a ten week music technology workshop with Music Works. We were introduced to Garage Band on an iPad and explored the notes and chords within smart instruments. We all identified the bars and measures and created some pieces of simple music. We can't wait for our next session!
6th September 2022
Today, we had our first indoor rowing session with Mr Pritchard. We learned different techniques and had a race at the end. Over the term, we will compete to have the quickest time to row a certain distance. Stay tuned to find out the winner!