Class News 2022 - 2023

15th September 2022
Today, the whole school were treated to a scooter display from the BMX academy in the playground. We then participated in a workshop where we learned various tricks (like a 'bunny hop!') and went over a ramp. Terry, the instructor, demonstrated how resilience and determination are important qualities to help us achieve in school and in our wider lives.
13th September 2022
At Forest School this morning, we continued our learning about rivers by creating a 3D model of a river. We included features such as its source, tributaries, confluences, oxbow lakes and estuaries. We then evaluated our rivers and made suggestions for improvement.

To finish, we had some free time. Some of the activities we chose to do were: mud modelling, wobbly bridge, hide and seek, swings and zip-wiring.

A fab morning!
12th September 2022
Today, we participated in the first session of a ten week music technology workshop with Music Works. We were introduced to Garage Band on an iPad and explored the notes and chords within smart instruments. We all identified the bars and measures and created some pieces of simple music. We can't wait for our next session!
6th September 2022
Today, we had our first indoor rowing session with Mr Pritchard. We learned different techniques and had a race at the end. Over the term, we will compete to have the quickest time to row a certain distance. Stay tuned to find out the winner!