Meeting Children's Needs

At Longney CE Primary Academy we meet the needs of our children through a variety of ways:
Pupil Voice – our children are actively encouraged to speak about any concerns they have to a member of staff or to our school counsellor. In lessons children are taught to speak openly about their emotions through the Pink Curriculum. Our Children know our staff take all their concerns very seriously.

At the start of the year each child completes a pupil information sheet (profile sheets), these can be used to identify and issues very early.

  • Pupil voice is monitored every term.
  • The GHLL online survey is completed by year 4, 5 and 6 pupils and the results are analysed.
  • Children’s questionnaires ascertain if they feel happy and safe at school – we will endeavour to follow up any child who appears to be having difficulties.
  • Children complete E-Safety questionnaires, these identify any issues. Parents are informed and training is offered.
  • Parents are offered E-safety training either at school or as part of our cluster.
  • We hold regular assemblies on E-Safety, stranger danger, water safety etc
  • Nurture Group is an excellent vehicle for discussing emotion and wellbeing, pupil voice is most prevalent here.
  • We work with the NSPCC to provide pupils with the information on how to keep themselves safe.
  • When we conduct pupil voice for any subject or learning walk we always ask children: Are you happy? Do you feel safe?