Science Week 2023


13th March 2023

What a wonderful week of science! 
This week all sorts of activities have been taking place to celebrate Science Week. Pupils have taken part in workshops with Severn Trent and Gloucester Energy where they learned about the incinerator, looked at how different scientists worked, thought carefully about sustainability and our environment, built bird and bug houses and visited Forest Green Rovers. 
There are some presentations and photos below. Please also look at the class pages to find out what each class has been up to. 

Strange Discoveries On the Severn!

By Lucy 

Earlier this week, Fox class (Year 6) went litter picking on the River Severn bank for science week, as this year's theme is sustainability. When they were up there they found some very strange things including a chair - snapped in half and a toilet seat!                                                                                                    

The toilet seat was found in a hedge alongside a chair. Jacob who found it said he thought the two items together might make a good makeshift toilet. People across the school were shocked, including the school receptionist, Mrs Hinde, who was speechless. Monty, another Member of Fox class, found a baby tree protector which was most likely from the nearby orchard. He commented “I wish we could have gone further!”

Other items found included a lot of dog poo. Mrs Tranter, Fox class TA, said that she was glad the children had found it, but was less glad about carrying it- although it was bagged up!

KS1 went litter picking around school grounds. Oscar, a member of Rabbit class, said they found many things such as paper and plastic pens! Theo, another member of rabbit class, said they even spotted play dough! Mina, a child from hedgehog, said it was like a scavenger hunt but the amount of litter was very surprising.

Members of Fox class explained they don’t think there was much left on the path we were on, but wish they could have gone further along as Monty was sure he spotted a bucket and Jacob rescued a crate from a ditch!