2018 - 2019

We all went to the church to participate in a Prayer Workshop lead by Mrs Tyson.  We had to be very quiet and complete the activities.
At Forest School we were shipwrecked on an island.  We were put into two teams and we had  to build shelters and make a fire.  We then had to make the water safe by boiling it and we cooked some food to survive.
Children working on their designs  of their own  Sculptures inspired by the book Don't Spill the Milk! 
All the children working on the program Scratch to create a space picture which has a character that moves when the start button is pressed.  Everyone enjoying creating their pictures using algorithms to make the character move.
As part of out big question What's out there?, the children have thought about all the actions that an astronaut or planet might do and created a dance from all of the movements.
On World Book Day the children did lots of reading!  They read to each other and wrote book reviews about their chosen story.  
In Forest School this week we had to work in a team to build a castle.  We discussed in base camp all the elements that are needed to build a castle.  We all worked hard to create our castles, they were fantastic!
We all learnt to skip!
In Forest School we all had to work in a team to build a dungeon.  The team who had the dungeon that was the hardest to escape from, won!
We had a fantastic time at Berkeley Castle which brought our topic alive!
The beginning of the year, starting our topic.