2018 - 2019

Final day of Residential
Mountain Biking and Quarry Abseiling (Year 6 were the only group to get everyone down in the last two weeks!)
An amazing few days, thanks Morfa Bay
Third day of Residential
Quarry Abseiling, WW1 Trenches and taking on the waves in Sea Activities!
Year 5 taking part in the long awaited 'Mud Assault Course'
Year 6 taking part in the long awaited 'Mud Assault Course'
Second day of Residential
Year 5 Team Building
Year 6 Mountain Biking
Mud Assault Course this afternoon!
First day of Residential and straight into the activities.
Year 5 Orienteering
Year 6 Bushcraft (making bread with the local garlic)
Dinner then a hike tonight!
Christmas Craft
We researched Viking longboats and built our own scaled down versions.
The Vikings have arrived!
A very wet and windy Forest School.
Bringing a little light into the darkness during our Science investigations this term.
Knex Challenge 2018!
On Tuesday 9th October, Swift Class took part in the first round of this year's Knex Challenge. The challenge was to construct a structure that was able to lift up a piece of cheese. Pulleys were the answer!
Wednesday 3rd October 2018 - Dan the Skipping Man Workshop