Purple Learners

Purple Learner Quotes from Goldfinch Class:
  • "A Purple Learner always challenges themselves." Molly.
  • "A Purple Learner is never afraid to step into the Challenge Zone." Maisie.
  • "I like being in the Cool Comfort Zone but I want to push myself into the Challenge Zone." Izzy.
  • "Purple Learners are people who build on mistakes." Leo.
  • ​"A Purple Learner is amazing." Aaron.
  • ​"A Purple Learner is someone who makes mistakes but learns more than getting things right, they challenge themselves. " Anon.
  • "A Purple Learner is someone who explores other ideas and challenges themselves and has lots of connections [in their brain.] They stay out of the Cool Comfort Zone." Daisy.
  • "A Purple Learner is someone who listens, then challenges themselves. When they do that their neurons grow into trails all through the brain." Anon.
  • "A Purple Learner works collaboratively in a team and shares ideas, pushing and challenging." Olivia W.
  • "A Purple Learner is a kind, helpful and positive learner." Amy
What is a Purple Learner?
A Purple Learner is someone who:
  • Tries hard
  • Knows their comfort zone but is not afraid to move into their challenge zone
  • Thinks for themselves
  • Makes an effort
  • Perseveres
  • Isn't afraid to make a mistake - this is learning
  • Is the best that they can be!
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Making Edible Neurons 

As part of our Becoming Purple Learners journey, we have been learning about neuroplasticity. The ability to learn by strengthening our brains - creating pathways between neurons. The children have watched a few videos (see below) , read some books and thought a lot!
But nothing beats making an edible model for embedding the learning! (We didn't fancy eating these though!)

Challenge - there are 32 children in Goldfinch Class. Approximately, how many cells (specialised and non- specialised) do they have all together?
Use what you know and some Purple Learning skills to find the answer!
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