SEND Information Report

We are a mainstream school with a strong commitment to Inclusion and Equal Opportunities. We support all pupils to reduce their barriers to learning so every child can achieve and progress. To this end we have engaged in the Achievement for All framework and this year we gained the AfA Quality Mark.


All teachers are responsible for identification of children who have special needs, with advice from the SENDCo, Mrs Elizabeth Escott-Price and through conversations with parents. We assess children on a regular basis as part of our assessment procedures. Through these assessments and observations, children are identified by the class teachers, who have a need that requires provision, either through quality first teaching or specific intervention. In consultation with the SENDCo, appropriate provision is chosen and put into place.

We also have regular progress meetings between the Head teacher and the Class teacher to discuss the progress of all the children to identify any children who may have gaps in their knowledge and need support.