Term 2 2017 - 2018

Merry Christmas!
Please enjoy our Santa dance.
Video to go here - could not download!
Christmas Tree Shortbread
29/11/17 The children made their own Christmas tree shortbread biscuit. The children worked in groups to weigh and mix the ingredients together. They then had to decorate their own biscuit. The children wrote a list of all the ingredients they would need to make shortbread again.
Penguin Eggs
28/11/17 The children learnt that penguin eggs have to rest on a penguins feet to stay warm until they hatch. The children then had a tricky daily mile trying to walk keeping their egg safe in between their legs.
The Life Bus
24/11/17 The children enjoyed the life bus. They learnt about their bodies and how they can look after them.
The Day it Rained at Forest School
The children enjoyed their time at Forest School. Creating their own stickmen using natural materials and wool. The children enjoyed watching MR Pritchard make a fire.
Children In Need Day
The children created their own Pudsey ears!
The children created their own Igloo using Modroc.
We read through the story of Stickman and the children had to create their own Stickman.
The Gruffalo's Child
We read through the story of the Gruffalo's Child and the children then had to recall the story. They made homes for the characters in the story and then had hot chocolate! (2/11/17)
Artic Plans
Please find below the plans for this term based on the Arctic and Antarctica.