Term 3 2018-2019

What wonderful underpants we have!
After reading the story of Aliens Love Underpants the children had the opportunity to create their own underpants. They held an experiment to see what material was best to use. They designed their underpants and then created them using fabric paints and pens.
Who loves mud?
Swallow loved getting muddy at forest school this week. We constructed 3D and 2D shapes using clay and other natural materials!
Astronaut training
On Tuesday afternoons we have been training to become astronauts.
Shuttle run
For maths the children had to run between two cones. Another child counted how many times they had ran and then they swapped over. They then had to add both amounts together.
The space around us
We have introduced our topic and the children are super excited! They have been creating planets, exploring the moon tuff spot and sending themselves in a rocket to space.