Term 5 and 6 2017 - 2018

Mr McGregor's garden
Pizza Express
The children got to look behind the scenes at Pizza Express and where the pizza's and other foods are prepared. They even got to go into the staff room! After our tour we got to make our very own Pizza and tried one slice!
Releasing the Elvers
Swallow class really enjoyed releasing the Elvers into the canal. We even got to try some smoked Elver (Yum Yum).
Drop everything and read
 The children have really enjoyed sharing different books together.
Climbing Wall
Rubbish hunt and mini beast hunt
For our science week at school Swallow and Skylark class joined together to do some hunting. We went on a hunt to find rubbish! we were very surprised at how much litter we found around the school (which made us very sad). We went on a mini beast hunt! we were very happy at how many mini beasts we found.
Fair-trade brownies
For our topic of Food Glorious Food. We have been exploring where different foods come from and we have learnt about fair-trade and what fair-trade means. The children then baked their very own fair-trade brownies using fair-trade goods.
Royal wedding tea party
To celebrate the Royal wedding we had a tea party on the maze. We baked our own cakes and decorated them.
Super sock puppet
The children created their own super hero sock puppet.
Superworm's new home
The evil Wizard Lizard escaped from the rubbish dump and was looking for Superworm. The children had to create their own edible wormery. The children then had to do some instruction writing on how they created their own wormery.
Super veggies!
The children brought in their own vegetable from home and had to design and create a cape and superhero identity for their veggie!
This week we have been exploring superhero's and Supertato stories. The children created their own secret identity and super powers.
Forest Schools
Supertato and the other veggies had been captured by the evil pea and needed Swallow class to rescue them. The children then created their own traps to try and capture the evil pea.
Food glorious food
We will be exploring food for the next 2 terms. The children will plant and grow different vegetables, they will learn where different foods come from. We will be cooking and preparing different foods within class and we will be visiting Pizza Express.