2019 - 2020

Friday 20th March - schools are closed!
Rather a sad day, as we don't know when we'll be back, so we had fun making friendship bracelets and taking photos, so we can look on here and remind ourselves that we'll be back to normal some time. 
On Thursday 26th March we were planning to hold an exhibition for parents, showing some of our work from our topic this term and doing a short play of The Serum Race. Here are the double page spreads which would have formed part of the exhibition - can you find yours? Some of them aren't finished, but the children worked really hard on these.
Huskies and the Iditarod
We were so lucky to have a visit from Vicky at Arctic Quest this week - photos and comments from the children to follow. Here is her website, where you can find out more about Vicky and her dogs:
On Saturday 7th March the Iditarod Race starts, which we have been learning about in class. You can find more information and follow the race here:
Skillzone February 12th
Yesterday our class went to Skillzone. The group I was in started in the house where there was a barricaded fire with Lego at the front of the fire. After, we went to the seaside to learn to be safe and learn about beach flags. Then we went to the dark alley. When we looked round the corner there was a mannekin. I screamed so loud everyone got scared! We went to the train and said where to stand when you're waiting then we went in and watched a video. 
Jacob L.
Christingle 21.1.20
We made Christingles to take to the cathedral. I liked the service because the children's stories were interesting.
Jacob R.
I liked walking round the cathedral seeing dangling lights. I learnt more about the Children's Society. When we lit the Christingles they looked fantastic.
I loved the Christingle service because when we heard about the children that the Children's Society had helped, and that our funds were to help them, I realised that without this service many of the people in the world would never enjoy themselves. Loads of schools had gathered and we learned what the Christingle meant. I found it really interesting.
Wednesday 18th December
We visited Queen Anne Court residential home in Quedgeley, where we sang some carols and chatted with the residents. 
Monday 23rd September
Goldfinch got a chance to play with the MakeyMakey circuit boards this afternoon in Computing. Lots of exploration and innovation!
Monday 23rd September
Today we were lucky enough to have an African drumming workshop. It was great fun and very noisy!
Monday 16th September
In Westonbirt we made our own woodlands. We had to choose three different types of trees in our forests. There was a candyfloss tree, it smelled amazing and we saw a dinosaur tree. The fruits smell yucky!
In the afternoon we went on the treetop walk and crow's nest. It was a big high bridge and was a bit scary. We built dens out of wood and ran back to the coach when it rained. 
Written by Isabelle, Katy and Luke.