Wholly Gelato 11.5.21
Yesterday we had a visit from Jenni Hobbs, who talked to us about farming and the environment - here is what Stanley and Finley had to say about her visit.

Jenni is a farmer, she works at Wholly Gelato, she sells gelato and milk from free-range cows. Everything is non-plastic - the spoons are made of cornflour, the tubs card and the reusable bottles are glass. The gelato is 70% milk with 4% fat. She has about forty fields with lots of different cows like Friesian, Brown Swiss, Norwegian Red, Holstein, Fleckvieh.

Jenni said the worst thing of all is food waste. The cows that are pregnant go in a field called the pregnancy field where they can have their baby. You do not want to be stamped on by a cow because they are very heavy!

You might enjoy watching the video of 2020 turnout.
Dan the skipping man 28.4.21
On Wednesday Dan the Skipping Man came to school. After break, we went on the playground with Dan and learnt the rodeo, crossover and running on the spot. We found the crossover very hard and next was a hop skip which was also hard. But we got past it. We found the long rope quite easy. We really enjoyed it. 
Written by Lola, James and Sean. 
Visit from the police 27.4.21
On Tuesday we had a very informative visit from PCSO Chris and PCSO Asha. They taught us all about the roles and history of the police. The first police force was founded in 1829 and the Gloucester one in 1839. There were lots of strange things when it was founded like you must have a beard, no women and lunch was carried in hats! They told us about the different areas in the police force and what each role carried with them, like body armour and asps. They quizzed us at the end. It was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.
Written by Lucy.
Earth Day at Forest School 20.4.21
At forest school we planted some flowers for bees to pollinate. We had to pull out some plants so we could dig holes for the seeds. These flowers are good for bees and butterflies and we did this for Earth Day. The seeds will hopefully grow into bee-loving flowers.
Written by Katy and Jacob. 
Our collaborative class writing 25.3.21
Earthquake in Goldfinch Class! 23.3.21
Drama workshop 7.12.20
Today we had a drama workshop based on the story of A Christmas Carol. Firstly, we sat in a semicircle together and the lady introduced herself to us. Secondly we did some warm-ups, doing some miming and saying different sentences to each other. Next we showed what we thought the actors would look like. Last we made up a speech for Scrooge to change his ways against the other people. Lucy, who rpetended to be Scrooge had to choose what she would do and she chose to be kinder. 
Written by Freya
Anti bullying week 2020
All classes have been taking part in Anti-Bullying week, with the theme 'United against bullies'. We did a cooperation jigsaw where we learnt about teamwork and generosity and we had a playtime where we had to talk to someone from the other year group in our class and find out something we didn't know about them. 
Positive Playtimes
Following a survey when we asked the children what they do and don't like about playtimes, we now have more games and activities for the children to do, including board games, giant outdoor games, human bingo and books/magazines. We finish lunchtime with some music so the children (and staff!) can dance along! 
Our topic this term is Pre-history: from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We were learning about Stonehenge and tried to work out at Forest School how people would have moved the huge stones without any modern technology!
Maths of the Day
Our Maths isn't always in the classroom, we sometimes do Maths of the Day, which is outside and helps us learn Maths in an active way. 
Design Technology
One area of the curriculum we didn't finish last year because of lockdown was making shell structures, so we spent a morning taking apart packaging to look at the net structure, looking at how to strengthen a structure then designing and making our own. Here are some of the end products. 
Our computing unit this term was coding and we made some instructions to make an object on the screen move and make a sound!
Sentence Stacking with Mrs C
Over the past two weeks we have been having live lessons with Mrs C, where we work on chunks of learning and stack sentences to make an amazing story. This is based on the film 'The Feast' and this is our class collaborative writing so far. 
Forest School 22.9.20
We were identifying and classifying animals, doing a class worship and having fun with our friends. 
Life Education visit 16.9.20
Anita comes in every year to talk to us about the human body. She has a special T-shirt which you put on and scan and it looks as if you're inside the body. She also has special puppets named Harold, Henry and Kiki. They even get into trouble!
By Laceyann.