2020 - 2021 Class Photos

28th April 2021
Skipping Skipping Skipping!
Thank you to 'Dan the Skipping Man', we had such an amazing time putting our skills to the test. Lots of new games to play at break and lunchtime too.
27th April 2021
Young Leaders Challenges
Mr Pritchard had three creative challenges for Swift class this week, all based around leadership. Pupils were put had to cooperate, listen and recognise each others strengths to build the largest structure they could with natural resources; transport a heavy log without touching it and direct a blindfolded teammate without using their voices.

They did an amazing job and it was great to see some of the qualities of good leadership shinning through.
27th April 2021
Precious Cargo!
We had an additional mission on our way up to Forest School this week, Skylark and Swallow class have been looking after some frogspawn and watched it transform over the last few week. They are at the stage now that they need a new home, in a more suitable habitat.

Check out the big release!
17th November 2020
Forest School
We've been hunting for angles in nature among the trees before creating our own with anything we could forage. All ahead of our learning in the classroom.
14th October 2020
Let's go on a scintillating South American adventure!
Swift class have taken part in a multi-school virtual experience day this week. Completing a whole range of tasks linked to this fascinating part of the world.
14th October 2020
Let's go on a scintillating South American adventure!
Part of the day was an Art activity that linked to a Brazilian primary school, who had done an activity around creating forest spirits from the local organic material.
14th October 2020
Let's go on a scintillating South American adventure!
Check out Swift classes forest spirits, made from organic material they had collected that held personal significance.
10th November 2020
Swift class took part in the 'Knex Challenge' again this year, they had a blast! It was a great opportunity for them to learn a little more about engineering and its real world application, as well as taking on this year's challenge.
Congratulations to our two winners, they will have the chance to compete in the  cross-school competition in a few months.