2021 - 2022 Photos

Trip to Skillzone 25.11.21

When I went to Skillzone I liked it when I got to spot the dangers like a knife in the toaster and a candle by the curtains with no candle case, and the hair straightener’s cords on the floor. I liked the quiz at the start and the end.

By Bella.

African drumming 17.11.21
We had a fantastic African drumming workshop today where we learnt how to drum as well as singing and dancing. 
Remembrance Day Poems
Here are our Remembrance Day poems. We took original poems and discussed the meaning, looked up the words we didn't know, then each child picked out the words they felt were important to create a new poem before illustrating.
20.10.21 DT Healthy eating
We looked at the Eatwell plate and talked about having a good variety of food so that we get everything we need in our diet. Then we made a lunch which we all ate together. Lots of children tried foods they hadn't tried before - amazing!
19.10.21 Forest School
This week we did a Maths treasure hunt as well as making pancakes over an open fire. There was some fantastic teamwork going on. 
We had a visit from Anita and Harold the Giraffe, talking to us about our bodies and our friendships.