Young Voices 2020

16th January 2020
Wow - what another wonderful evening at the Young Voices concert. Everyone enjoyed being part of the 6000 strong children's choir. The bands and dancers were inspirational too. Thank Mrs Kirby, Mrs Tranter and Mrs Hinde for taking everyone to Birmingham and to all the parents and friends who cam along to watch.

And this is what the children said..........

The most memorable moment was when all the lights went down and the torches were waving and everyone was singing 'You'll be in my heart.' Isla and Freya

My favourite part was being with all my friends and everyone singing. Ellie and Felicity

I loved the Mexican wave. Luke

I loved watching the dancing and how the lights on the dancers made them part of a theatre. Zoe

YV is when lots of separate choirs come together to make one massive choir, the lights go off like a twinkling night sky. Gracie

It's amazing how many people are there and everyone is singing 20 times better than in school! Daisy

It exceeded expectations. Lucy

It was awesome and pretty. If you're thinking of going - go or you'll regret it. Jenson

It was fantastic. Katy

It was the best time I've ever had. When the lights go off it's like the real sky at night. Maisy

Go and enjoy every moment - you might not get the opportunity to do something like this again. Amelia

It was a joy to be there. Sean