At Longney, the teaching of history will help our pupils to develop a coherent knowledge and understanding of the history of our locality, Britain and the wider world. We aim for children to approach history learning with a curiosity which inspires pupils to ask increasingly more complex questions about significant people, events and periods through time. We believe that the teaching of history should be immersed with access to high-quality resources and we endeavour to expose children to high-quality historical sources to empower children to generate their own conclusions.

What this looks like in class:

  • Throughout our history curriculum we use an enquiry approach posing pupils with open-ended questions which pupils answer through gradual exposure to historical facts and disciplinary knowledge.
  • Substantive concepts have also been planned for across the school in a progressive way so that children encounter these on multiple occasions, helping them to develop understanding of these concepts throughout the periods studied. 
  • The National Curriculum is used to plan and deliver the teaching of History in a systematic and progressive way.
  • Carefully sequenced lessons which build upon prior learning.
  • Regular retrieval tasks embedded into the curriculum, planned for in the medium and short-term. 
  • Explicit teaching of historical skills (disciplinary knowledge) which pupils practise before applying in subsequent lessons