At Longney, we value PE and its purpose to provide all children with the knowledge and skills to lead an active and healthy lifestyle as well as providing them with a sense of community and respect. Through the active opportunities, PE lessons, sporting activities and external coaching sessions- our children become aware of their health and fitness and the importance of leading a healthy, active life as well as being confident in their physical engagement. Our PE curriculum and extra-curricular sporting opportunities teach children life skills such as the value of fairness and respect as well as the skill to work with others, as part of a team, and as individuals to allow them to recognise and develop their own physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. Our PE curriculum aims to motivate EY, KS1, KS2, SEND and PP pupils to succeed in a variety of physically demanding activities and competitive sports. 
What this looks like in class:
  • In order to fully support teachers implement our PE curriculum, Longney Primary Academy uses PE passport to allow teachers and children to plan, assess and track the progression of our PE curriculum.
  • The implementation of PE is divided into aspects of PE: invasion games, dance, athletics, gymnastics and net and wall games
  • Use of PE passport for sequence of lessons
  • Use of PE passport for assessment of learning
  • Use of Atlas sports for extra-curricular and competitive sports