At Longney, our science curriculum aims to equip our pupils with scientific curiosity about the world around them, assist in the understanding of the scientific methods and procedures used in scientific enquiry.  To do this we use an enquiry approach. We would like our pupils to develop scientific curiosity and develop an understanding of scientific processes and methods through each of the key questions in our two-year rolling programme.  

What this looks like in class:  

  • The National Curriculum is used to plan and deliver the teaching of science in a systematic and progressive away across our two-year rolling programme.  
  • Each term, the pupils answer a key question which allows them to learn and discover new scientific knowledge about the world around them. 
  • Pupils plan fair investigations, observe and test their hypothesis which they can draw conclusions from and to use this information to answer their enquiry question at the end of the unit.
  • Teachers plan for opportunities to explicitly teach disciplinary knowledge which is then applied through subsequent activities.